Company Data

Trade Name Kodama Corporation, Ltd.
Head Office Center-minami SKY Bldg.4F 3-1 Chigasaki-chuo, Tsuzuki-ku, Yokohama-shi, Kanagawa, JAPAN 224-0032
Phone +81-45-949-1331 / Fax +81-45-949-1515
Hiroyuki Kodama, President, CEO
Nagoya Office
No.8 Ota Bldg.7F south 295 Sakuragaoka, Chikusa-ku, Nagoya, JAPAN 464-0025
Osaka Office
Imon-Esaka-Ekimae Bldg. 3F 10-34 Toyotsu-cho, Suita-shi, Osaka, JAPAN 564-0051
Prototyping Factory / Manufacturing Technology Lab.
3-3-9 Sakae-cho, Hamura-shi, Tokyo, JAPAN 205-0002
Date of
Capitalization 63 Million Yen
Employees 151 (as of May1, 2023)
  • CAD/CAM/CAE system sales and integration
  • Consultation, Training and Support
  • Software Development
  • Prototyping
Corporate Philosophy

Providing “Top-level Services”

Raising Productivity increases Customer Satisfaction

What we

Total solution as a management tool

  1. 1. Share engineering database for the entire process from designing to manufacturing.
  2. 2. Improve overall productivity through effective use of data from fully integrated CAD/CAM system

Head Office

Nagoya Office

Osaka Office

Prototyping Factory / Manufacturing Technology Lab.

Corporate Profile Video

Products and Services

CAE Software
TopSolid (Products of TOPSOLID SAS)
Training Providing training sessions to explain operation steps and functions of each system
Answering questions and solving troubles
Consulting Proposing systems and operations to answer the needs of customer design and manufacturing
Prototyping Manufacturing prototype models with TopSolid and various machine tools

Corporate History

1989 Founded in Yokohama on Jan. 25, 1989. Began offering CADSUPER 2D CAD software from ANDOR as an authorized distributor.
1991 Began offering CAMCORE 2D CAD/CAM software from ANDOR. Began offering DNC system. Developed and began offering various compatible applications for CADSUPER.
1993 Developed and began offering various compatible applications for AutoCAD. Began offering CAMAND 3D CAD/CAM software from U.S. firm Structural Dynamics Research Corp. as an authorized distributor of Marubeni Solution.
1995 Began offering AutoVue viewer software from Canada firm Cimmetry Systems.
1996 Increased capital to 30 million yen. Began offering TOPsolid v6 3D CAD software from French firm TOPCAD as an exclusive distributor in Japan.
1997 Established Osaka sales office. Began offering type3 CAD/CAM software for 3D engraving from French firm Vision Numeric.
1998 Increased capital to 45 million yen. Began offering TOPmold v6 3D CAD software for mold design from French firm Missler Infosud.
1999 Began offering TOPcam v6 3D CAM software from French firm Missler Informatique.
2000 Increased capital to 63 million yen.
2001 Established prototyping division and began offering prototyping service. Began offering CreateSheet 3D sheet metal conversion software from French firm CATALPA. Began offering TOPcastor CAE software from French firm CETIM.
2002 Established Nagoya sales office. Developed and began offering AutoDraw automatic drawing software.
TOPCAD, Missler Informatique, Missler Infosud, Catlpa joined together to establish Missler Software in France.
Developed and began offering WireEDM CAM software. Began offering TOPelectrode 3D CAD software for electrode design from Missler Software.
Began offering Project Reviewer digital mockup software and N2NTranslators data conversion software from French firm Trade and Technologies France.
2003 Began offering consulting service for utilizing 3D CAD and assisting mold design. Began offering remote support service for digital mockup software and 3D CAD.
2004 Established Nagano sales office. Moved prototyping division from Ome city to Hamura city in Tokyo. Began offering TOPwire v6 3D Wire-EDM CAM software from Missler Software.
2005 Began offering TOPcam v6 turning 3D CAM software for turning software from Missler Software.
Began offering TOPprogress 3D CAD software for progressive die design from Missler Software.
2006 Began offering KnowledgeEye knowledge management software.
2007 Began offering TOPcam v6 4/5 axis CAM software from Missler Sofware.
2008 Began offering TOPsolid v6 ANSYS Plugin for TOPsolid v6 and ANSYS from Missler Software.
2009 Began offering TOPpdm PDM software from Missler Software.
Established Manufacturing Technology Lab in Yokohama city.
2011 Prototyping division and Manufacturing Technology Lab acquired ISO9001 ISO9100 and JIS Q 9100.
2012 Merged Manufacturing Technology Lab with prototyping division.
2013 Began offering TopSolid’Design 7 and TopSolid’Pdm PDM from Missler Software.
2015 Began offering TopSolid’Cam 7 from Missler Software.
2016 Began offering TopSolid’Mold 7 from Missler Software.
2018 Japan’s METI(Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry) certified KODAMA Corporation as the Driving Company for the regional future.
2019 Missler Software changes its name to TOPSOLID.
2020 Began offering TopSolid'Progress 7 from TOPSOLID.
Began offering TopSolid'Wire 7 from TOPSOLID.
2021 Began offering TopSolid'Cut from TOPSOLID.